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Help keep Humpty Dumpty preschool open
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am writing you on behalf of Humpty Dumpty Parent Cooperative Preschool, located here in Manteca. I have been a parent in Humpty Dumpty for four years and am now the co-treasurer on their board of officers. Due to the endless budget cuts in education, Humpty Dumpty is finding itself on the brink of closing after 44 years in business. We are non-profit preschool, having received state funding as reimbursement for the time our parents dedicate to the school.

Our members are working endlessly to ensure that our school can continue to teach another year, and hopefully another year after that. I am hoping this letter serves as an attention getter to our alumni and your dedicated readers that this long lasting servant in the City of Manteca will soon be forced to close its doors, further limiting the early education options of parents in and around the city.

Having served more than 2500 families, Humpty Dumpty has become a unique opportunity for parents to participate in a learning program with their children. The program fosters a love of learning through exploration, art, play, science, and language activities. Humpty Dumpty offers families the unique opportunity to learn with each other. Our program offers two developmentally appropriate programs; toddler program is 18 months – 3years old and the preschool program is for 3-5 year olds. Our directors, Jill Eckerle (toddler director) and Alisen Kona (Preschool director) have a collective 23 years with Humpty Dumpty. They work with up to 19 parents daily to facilitate a learning environment that is nurturing, encouraging, educational, and fun for both parent and child.

Some of these prior children now have their children enrolled at this school. This program has been the first source promoting a love of learning, self-confidence, and achievement for thousands of children. I truly believe that my son’s academic success and love of learning is a direct result of the unique opportunity of family focused learning. My daughter, who is currently enrolled in the toddler portion of the program has grown considerably due to the activities Humpty offers.

State officials need to realize the damage they are doing by cutting education funds, eliminating school programs, and closing early childhood programs. Preschool is the foundation for which growth depends on. Humpty Dumpty preschool provides families an environment where children can succeed, learn, and become confident children ready to tackle the primary grades. I truly wish Humpty Dumpty was able to continue teaching our children without fear of closure. Unfortunately, Humpty cannot continue offering families a unique learning environment on legacy alone.

The reality is that unless our school can raise enough money to cover what the state has taken away, Humpty Dumpty will close. Humpty Dumpty has scheduled a public flea market on May 1 in the Lindbergh parking lot on North Street from 9-2. Please call 239-1424 for information regarding vendor spots.
Regina Lackey
April 10, 2010