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Hernandez should offer tour bus rides to citizens
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

On the front page of the Manteca Bulletin (Aug. 20) stands Councilman Vince Hernandez with a big smile on his face as he is seeking another term as councilman.

His original campaign motto was “Heal Our City.” There wasn’t anything wrong with the city until he was elected.

He gave a windshield tour of the city driving his Prius praising and glorifying all that has been done since his first term as councilman.

One would think Hernandez himself paid for all the projects that have been done since his first term as councilman.

His new motto should be “Get All You Can, While You Can” referring to all the pet personal projects he has snowballed city staff to do.

Since Hernandez took a personal tour of projects that have been done since 2002, perhaps he should consider opening a tour bus service driving his Prius or renting several buses and offering free rides to the citizens of our fair city. No doubt he would get many tips.

Councilman Hernandez is still the king of “seconding motions” that fellow council members make.

Fred Millner