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He’s putting Americans first again
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

President Trump has been fulfilling his promise to “Make America Great Again”, bringing jobs to America, making America energy independent, ending two wars, and so much more.  Yet, Democrats have more of an interest to protect illegal aliens than American citizens prompting me to introduce my suggestion for his 2020 Presidential slogan, “Make Americans First Again”. 

While elected officials swear an oath to protect the Constitution, America, and its citizens, Democrats have an interest in providing more protection for those coming to America illegally than protecting its own citizens.  The Government Accountability Office reports illegal aliens are responsible for 15 murders and nine kidnappings per day in America.  The most recent, well-known case is the murder of Officer Ronil Singh, who immigrated to America legally from Fiji only to be murdered by Gustavo Perez Arriaga, who has committed multiple crimes in California; an illegal immigrant protected by California’s Sanctuary State Law, SB 54. Arriaga is a known gang member of the Surenos. 

On Christmas night Officer Singh kissed his wife and child goodbye for the last time as he began his shift to protect citizens.  When he pulled over Arriaga, Singh was murdered, leaving his wife a widow and his child fatherless.  Sadly, Democrats were silent expressing no condolences to the family and no outrage for a gang member here illegally.  No Democrat asked how this illegal alien was able to get a gun. Yet, Democrats demand extensive background checks on law abiding American citizens.

President Trump has demanded America fix its broken immigration system and to build a wall to protect and assist Border Patrol from routine attacks.  President Trump has vowed to keep his oath to protect Americans and America and to fix the problems that were created by corrupt politicians before he became president.

Democrats, on the other hand, have enticed illegal aliens to come to America offering free housing (rent subsidy), free utilities, free food stamps, free health care, free dental, free childcare, free education, free college, free public transit, free contraception, free abortion, free phone, and free cash through government services at the cost of the American taxpayer.  Democrats know the more people dependent on the government are more people dependent on Democrats.

Democrats have voted against Kate’s Law, in memory of a young lady who was shot and killed by an illegal alien while walking with her father.  Democrats voted for Sanctuary Cities.  Democrats voted for “Catch and Release” policies for Border Patrol, to release those arrested.  Democrats voted against deporting violent criminals and gang member as well as hindering ICE from their ability to track these criminals.

There are 2.5 million American homeless children living primarily in areas controlled by Democrats.  There are 40,000 homeless veterans living in areas primarily controlled by Democrats.  On average, 22 veterans, who fought to protect America and Americans, have committed suicide daily.  Our politicians need to “Keep Americans First Again”, which is what Trump has been trying to do by fighting against the obstruction of Democrats.   Democrats will do anything to have open borders and sanctuary cities and states, even if it kills their own citizens.

Frank Aquila