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Hes upset about treatment of Roaring Thunder vets
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Editor’s Manteca Bulletin

I read an article about Obama and his ilk preventing the “Rolling Thunder” Vietnam veterans from going to “The Wall” on Memorial Day. He felt it was more important for him to be there and talk about how the Vets were denigrated when they returned from Vietnam. He didn’t think the vets that had traveled there from all over the US would mind being denied access so he could blather on about himself. Even after he was finished the only way one could get in was by ticket! “The Wall” was surrounded by a fence and cops were there to make sure only those invited would be inside and could applaud the President.

The day before he spoke at the Vietnam Memorial he presented his Presidential Medal of Freedom awards. Remember, on Memorial Day he said the vets were denigrated. It was time for us, as a nation, to give them thanks they didn’t receive in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

One of the recipients was Dolores Huerta. Her reason for the award: she was an activist and protester. Guess what she protested: Those who fought, gave their lives or were injured in the Vietnam war. She spat on them and called them baby killers. She did everything she could to make their lives miserable. What a person! Nothing else!

As I said, he speaks with a forked tongue. Is this the person you want in charge for another four years? I want someone that speaks the truth and not what he thinks people want to hear.

Dale Burnham


June 7, 2012