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Hiring outreach coordinator is ridiculous
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The Manteca City Council seems to want to change its image with city residents. The Bulletin reported they want to take government to the people. Hiring a person to get people to volunteer to perform services the residents are paying for is ridiculous. It is proposed by the city to fund this hiring (of a neighborhood outreach coordinator) at a cost of over $4,000 a month, paid by RDA funding.

My question is what part of RDA qualifies this position? It seems as though Karen McLaughlin as the newly appointed city manager is following the same program as Steve Pinkerton, in bending the rules of RDA spending. Changing of the guard hasn’t changed city government one iota.

This won’t change the council’s past performance in ignoring the peoples’ needs. They are past the point of no return. Their popularity is at an all-time low. This council recently ignored the peoples’ issue on landscape maintenance districts that left out certain costs that the city imposed on the new residents for park maintenance.

Why does this council think that people will listen to them; in volunteering to perform services some people pay double for, while they ignore the public’s issues? This council can use the general fund to pay a lobbying firm to go after government funding and paying for expensive litigation to fight the governor in closing the RDA agency down.

Then they want the public to volunteer to perform services the residents are paying for, and want to be receiving. Do they actually think the public is that gullible?

This council isn’t improving their image by hiring this person to brainwash people. If this council wanted to simply communicate with the people, they could do this by holding forums to listen to the public. This isn’t about listening to the public; it is simply to solicit volunteers so the city can spend more.

Fleener Richards
Aug. 16, 2011