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Horror of horrors: Another Baca letter on Manteca Bulletins opinion page
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Well, our conservative friends are at it again, dog piling on Larry Baca, and demanding that he be barred from the editorial pages of the Manteca Bulletin. And who could blame them?
There they are; relaxing at their breakfast tables, cup of coffee in hand. They open the Bulletin to the editorial pages, looking forward to reading about the latest juicy scandal about Hillary Clinton. Perhaps a torrid lesbian three way with Nancy Pelosi and Meryl Streep, an equally fascinating and ‘factual’ report that Obama has secretly replaced all of the White House staff with ISIS terrorists who are waiting to murder the Trump family in their beds, or a comforting, long winded, plagiarized rant from a local contributor, proving once and for all that Vladimir Putin is a direct descendant of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. But what do they find instead? A letter from Larry Baca! Their whole day is suddenly ruined.
It will be a long four years, not only for those who did not vote for Mr. Trump, but for our conservative friends as well. Now that Trump and the Republicans control the entire government, they will have no one to blame but themselves when their party strips healthcare from 22 million individuals and their families, spends billions on a wall that won’t do anything, bans all Muslims from entering the country, voucherizes Medicare, privatizes Social Security, ends Medicaid, and generally screws everything up with their overreach, even those things that hurt Trump voters and their families. 
At that point, they will need their lies, their right wing conspiracy theories, and their fake news stories more than ever before but what will they find on the editorial pages of the Manteca Bulletin instead... a letter from Larry Baca, telling them the truth. Oh, cruel world!
Our conservative friends should take heart though. The GOP congress will probably impeach the Tweeter-in-Chief before he completes his first term, and then all will return to normal. Our local conservative contributors to the Bulletin will no doubt find a Democrat to blame it all on — maybe Jimmy Carter. They haven’t tried to pin anything on him for quite a while. And we shall all breathe a great sigh of relief.

Stephen Breacain