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How did Obama get peace prize?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I knew Larry Baca wrote a letter today.  I could smell the fowl stink from the paper’s opinion page. He would love to remove everything Christian in the country and always responds to Mr. Aquila’s letter as if people care what he thinks.  

How come Baca could not explain how President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. Maybe he got it for the “Apology for America Tour.”  This idiot president did not do anything to deserve this award!  That is right.  I called him an idiot and as long as there is free speech, I will speak my mind.  I earned that right and this old soldier will continue say what I want until Obama brings his civilian army to get me.  Until then, everyone should be happy this CHRISTmas season.  We Christians have CHRISTmas celebrating the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  

The democRATS have their messiah, B. H. Obama.
 James Simoni
Dec. 11, 2009