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How is K9 officer Gage faring today?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Talk about the Man-Keystone Kops!  But seriously, excellent work all, especially officer Goforth and his four legged partner!  Never mind that it took the costliest operation in years, with all that out of town talent, including the Ripon Police, a park ranger from Caswell State Park, the Sheriff’s Department, East Bay Park Police, a couple of mothers, the FBI, a helicopter and a Stanislaus County armored car, when a few good men from Manteca PD SWAT and a dog, could have handled the job more than adequately.

Never mind that the boys got carried away with the tear gas! Seventeen rounds in that small duplex was beyond over-kill (anybody know what those gas rounds cost?)!  But, hell, it’s OK to get carried away in the heat of the moment when dealing with two pistol packing bank robbers; besides, the outcome was successful, thanks to a good dog named “Gage”.  But that is what’s hard to figure; the officers were wearing gasmasks, how was that dog able to endure the gas and get his perp?  Incredible!

Is Gage fairing well in the aftermath?  Has the dog received any special treatment?  Will he be OK?  It’s hard to believe that the modern police dog can function under these circumstances.  Yup, it’s the 21st Century!  It wasn’t that long ago when a couple of men and maybe a dog would have shot their way in and finished it with comparatively little property damage.  Speaking of which, does the Bank of America have insurance to defray any of the damage and/or police costs incurred to restore their “undisclosed” losses?  Once more, thanks and well done to all.  What’s for dinner mom?

Steven J. Catalano
Sept. 6, 2009