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How much did council DC trip cost?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The Raymus Expressway is simply “overkill” said Manteca Mayor Steve DeBrum as well as council members Richard Silverman and Vince Hernandez.
Speaking of “overkill.” that is the best way to describe all five members of the City Council attending the San Joaquin Council of Governments One Voice lobbying effort in Washington, D.C.
Why did all five council members have to attend this event other than to sting the taxpayers for all they could? There were airline fares, transportation to and from the airport, hotels and dining to pay for all at taxpayers’ expense.
It’s for sure that none of the council members stayed at a Motel 6.
Hernandez went but he contends he is not seeking re-election in November.
If DeBrum is going to be mayor he should try to arrange personal business so it doesn’t interfere with council meetings. Appointing Silverman as mayor pro tem is like having a fox guard the hen house. Councilwoman Debbie Moorhead should have been appointed mayor pro tem.
I’d like to know what the final cost of the trip to D.C. was — $10,000 or was it more or was it l3 less?
The taxpayers of our fair city have been stung again.
Fred Millner

Baconfest ‘perfect’
for SJ County
Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I was so glad to hear about the Inaugural Baconfest Father’s Day weekend at Dell’Osso Family Farms in Lathrop.
 It’s the perfect celebration focus for a county with one of the highest obesity rates in California.
 Bill McConnell

When will city
use transit station?
Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
That new train station built by the City of Manteca on Moffat Boulevard sure looks nice but I don’t think it’s in use much but it always looks nice and pretty.
Will it be used or was it built to just look nice? What a waste of money. Who accounts for this waste of precious money?
It is time to clean house. I’m still waiting for the boarded up windows to become un-boarded in downtown Manteca.
Sid Smith

Editor’s note: The community room is currently used for events from time-to-time and the city’s transit offices are in the building that cost $8 million to build. Until Altamont Corridor Express train service is extended to Modesto, there will be no train service at the station although it serves as a transfer point for Manteca Transit and San Joaquin Regional Transit buses.