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How selling golf course would help
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Recently I suggested that the City of Manteca consider selling off the golf course to help pay for retirees pensions, for pension money is running out.

I failed to mention how it would help the city’s pension plan. Unlike most letter writers I offer explanations to justify my suggestions. Just the sale of the property wouldn’t help the pension plan very much, but I offer a solution that goes beyond just the sale of the property. Manteca would receive a large sales price in selling this prime property. It would also receive property taxes from development.

Most income from city sales of property goes directly into the general fund. If the sale took place, the entire income from the property could be set up for the sole purpose of funding public safety as a separate fund. Of course it would have to be free of clauses so it couldn’t be used for any other purpose. I also feel that an oversight committee should preside to make sure it goes for the sole purpose of funding the city’s retirees. Fees would be assessed to maintain the property without delving into the fund. The general fund would still receive some money from sewer allotments and construction permits. The income from this property would increase as property taxes goes up. Of course a percentage of the property taxes would go to the state.

I see no other suggestions offered by anyone to resolve the pension issue and this idea would certainly help. The sale of this property is a better solution than continuation of losing money year after year on this property.

Currently it qualifies as a charity, for each year this city supplements golf play for seniors with $155,000 from taxpayers.

It also could cost over a million dollars for equipment replacement and maintaining the course. This simply means the city receives no return for the money they spend. You could say the people who maintain this course are helping in the decline of their pensions. It’s time for the council to focus on supporting the pension plan without raising taxes on residents. 

Fleener Richards