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I must be a left wing liberal nut
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In response to  Robert Blanch’s Letter to the Editor (“Marriage ruling threatens religious freedom”), if being a “left wing nut liberal” means protecting equal rights and opportunities as the Supreme Court did with its recent majority decision on same-sex marriage, then count me in as one of  those “nuts.”  

Where did Mr. Blanch get the idea that religious freedoms were being attacked by this decision?  He obviously missed the part of the decision which makes it abundantly clear that religious institutions are free to uphold their beliefs and values. including the right to refuse to conduct a same-sex marriage. 

As for me, the Jesus Christ I came to know during my Sunday school classes at our local Presbyterian church was a Jesus who, among other things, was accepting of differences.  I like to think Jesus would have supported the Supreme Court’s majority decision.  I am also thankful that I live in a country which has separation of church and state as one of its fundamental principles.

As an aside, if I were still a high school English teacher and Mr. Blanch was one of my students who submitted his Letter to the Editor as an assignment, I would have given him a “D,” not because I disagree with his opinion, but rather for his grammatical and structural errors as well as his illogical and fact less argument. 

Linda Little