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If Ripon can, why cant Manteca?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I find it simply amazing that a nice little city like Ripon can pledge to spend thousands of dollars on street improvements when our so-called “Family City” can’t spend a few thousand dollars on a simple project like sidewalk upkeep.
It is plain to see that a lack of incompetent leadership within city staff and our “Good Ole Boy” council is failing to keep up with public safety. Perhaps they should take lessons from the City of Ripon on how to run a city.
City staff and Mayor Steve DeBrum and Company can find ways to sting families in our fair city but cannot address important issues needed around town.
The City Council is proposing that the solid waste division jacks up garbage rates without even thinking about other ways to offset rising costs like doing away with “brain washers” better known as consultants.
If DeBrum and Company is not careful there will be no money for the next vacation in April to “Good Ole D.C.” at the taxpayers’ expense.

Fred Millner