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If you dont like what you see change the TV channel
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have seen several letters about censorship in this paper the last week or so and I need to make a point. If you don’t like something that is on TV you have the right to change the channel, just as I should have the right to decide what is appropriate for me and my children to watch. No I don’t want my children to be exposed to all kinds of sexually explicit shows or a bunch of swear words, but I also don’t have to be freaked out when it happens.

My parents were able to confidently allow my brother and I to experience the world as whole with its negatives and positives, because they took the time to teach us right from wrong. My parents didn’t need to freak out when my brother and I heard someone swear, because they taught us that it is not appropriate for us to speak that way as children and it is not professional or respectable as adults. My parents did not need to go into a tirade every time my brother and I saw two people having sex on TV or a movie because they took the time from when we were little and beyond to teach us that sex is something that should only be shared between to people who are in love and married. They taught us sex is something special that should only be shared with someone special. I’m not saying my parents necessarily wanted us exposed to these types of things but they didn’t have to fear it either.  So to all of you who feel there should be censorship or that there isn’t enough how about taking the time to teach your kids right from wrong and what’s appropriate and what’s not instead of hiding things from them threw censorship.

I myself don’t want to see naked people on my TV or constantly hear swear words but if I do want to see these things I should have the right to just like you have the right to change the channel. Basic cable has about 100 channels so a little advice to Mr. Bozell if you don’t like what is shown on Fox change the channel.                                                                
Teri-Lynn Romero
April 4, 2009