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Ignorance not a good way to deal with risk
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It should come as no great surprise that Mr. McComas, who has in the past claimed to be an economic wizard of sorts to also claim to be an environmental expert. (“Green house gas: Junk Science or Jobs?” –  Thursday, July 23).

But before he dazzles us with his scientific genius, he first must somehow tie Democrats and only Democrats to environmentalists who believe man made CO2 is playing a major role in the current global warming crisis. And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what we are dealing with, a crisis of major proportions.

McComas starts out by claiming everyone who makes light of his rants, are in fact, in denial. Then he goes on to deny CO2 has any role in global warming at all. Who is in denial here?

He goes on to showcase his apparent expertise in the laws of thermodynamics by explaining the relationship between CO2 and H2O vapor, thermal heat transfer and particularly clever hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings.... OK, I made the last one up but you get my drift. He does all this without giving us any references, apparently we are to believe he just knows everything about everything and we should just take his word for it all. He claims, for instance, that most of the rest of the world realize that CO2 is not a factor in Global Warming. Where did that come from?

Of course what would a letter from McComas be if he failed to blame the Democrats. In this one, besides what I mentioned above, he blames Obama and Democrats for pushing for strong laws against green house gases. Hmmm... I always thought that was a good thing, didn’t you? Of course he ties unemployment to that endeavor as a scare factor, what would a letter from the fringe be without a good scare factor? Then he notches the scare factor up a bit by mentioning the California unemployment rate. Wouldn’t be much of a scare tactic to mention the unemployment rate in Tennessee, would it? He then adds “Democrats have destroyed this economy and want to destroy it some more”. In six months? Wow! And how do you destroy something that has already been destroyed? “Destroy it some more”?? He also claims the environmental push by the Democrats is “politically based”. Really? How so?

 Now McComas would have us believe Global Warming is just a trend, like fashion trends that come and go with no measurable effects what-so-ever. He claims CO2 has “no effect” at all, nada, zilch. In fact he claims that apparently the more CO2 the better, that CO2 actually cools the atmospheric temperature rather than warms it.

It is not difficult to find ample evidence that CO2 is more than just a contributing factor to global warming, what is difficult to understand is there are people who are still in complete denial of the facts. I just read an article in National Geographic about Glacier National Park in Montana, where in 1910 there were over 150 glaciers, today there are only 27. The ice shelf is receding at an alarming rate. Polar bears are savaging whale bone yards in coastal communities because the ice floes are gone and they can no longer use them to hunt their prey.

In the Northern Hemisphere, thaws come a week earlier in spring and freezes begin a week later. All this just since 1910. Just a trend? I think not.

Is CO2 the only reason for global warming, maybe not, but we do know that CO2 does cause warming. We do not know the likely rate within a factor of three but should we just risk it by doing nothing? Someone once said “Ignorance is not a good basis for dealing with risk”, think about that for awhile.
Larry Baca
July 23, 2009