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Illegal immigrants are uninvited guests who mooch
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Why is it so hard for people to understand what Arizona is doing, and what California should be doing with regards to illegal immigration? The people protesting that the Arizona law is about “racial profiling” is way off base. The law Arizona is trying to enforce is so simple. They are just trying to protect what we have.

In other words, say your home is your own private country, and your front door is your border, and I walk in as an “Uninvited Guest”. I sit on your couch, I eat from your refrigerator, I demand you buy me shoes, and print everything in my language, and I give you nothing in return. Oh...I need a car because my sister is coming with her kids.

Then on top of all this, you have to give me money. This is your home, not mine, but I want it anyway. By the are out of beer. Now, with this being the case, what would you want the police to do? How are the police going to prevent me from taking advantage of your laws allowing me to just consume all I want. What country did I come from? It does not matter, because I am an “Uninvited Guest in your home.”

If people want to look at race as an issue, just look at who the politicians are trying to focus on, just for the vote. Look at what Pelosi is doing with Puerto Rico. She is trying to have them vote...again...on being a State, just for the Hispanic vote. So, who is playing the race card here?

I totally support Arizona, and the Governor who has far more courage than our own Governator. I have had my shop for just under thirty years. I am self employed, a veteran, with a Spanish surname. If people want to come here as my grandparents from Spain did legally, with a sponsor and a job, we will welcome you. If not, well, go somewhere else.
 Gary J. Duran
May 18, 2010