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Implying police would kill teacher because hes black
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin.
I am in complete shock and total dismay at how racially insensitive to both teachers, law enforcement, and to African Americans after reading the letter submitted by Larry Baca titled, “The moronic idea to arm teachers”.
Just so your readers understand and recall Larry’s letter, he submits reasoning why teachers should not be armed with a firearm in a school.  He provides his own scenarios, which one scenario has a gunman with an AR-15 in the school hallway.  I will quote Larry Baca’s letter from there, “Also in that same hallway a Black Teacher armed with a 10 shot Glock. Suddenly a 6 man SWAT team, armed with assault weapons, each with 50 round clips storm the hallway. When the whole thing is over, how many bullet holes will be found in the Black School Teacher’s body?”
Larry Baca, I have no words except disgust how you could you race to incite fear and suggest police would use this unimaginable horrific event as an opportunity to kill a teacher just because he is black.
Larry Baca, by all standards, this is low even for you.  Shame on you Larry Baca.  Shame!
Amy Sullivan