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Impressed with Congressman Josh Harder
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Kudos  to Congressman Josh Harder. He has started a First 100 Days Listening Tour which he kicked off this past weekend.  

On Friday, Jan. 18, it began with a visit to Hammon Senior Center in Patterson and circled the rest of his district ending on Monday afternoon, the 21st in Manteca at the fire station at 1465 West Lathrop Road in Manteca.  He is accomplishing what he campaigned on and that was to be transparent and accessible to everyone in his district.  

During the Manteca meeting he discussed voting to re-open the government and ending the shut down and spoke about education and healthcare as well as taking questions from the many individuals in attendance.  He was especially concerned about the 100,000 people in our district that will run out of food stamps in a couple of weeks.  He should do an excellent job representing our District over the next two years.

Ray & Irene McHenry