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Impressed with Aquilas book on Palin
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The fact that Sarah Palin has nullified her presidential candidacy by dropping out of the election, should in no way deter potential readers of Frank Aquila’s book “Sarah Palin - Out of Nowhere.”

Curiously, this book is not so much about its namesake as it is about its author’s perception of current events, and thereby makes a valuable contribution in this election year and to the great American political process generally. In spite of the negative doings of our government and the sorry gang of polished hooligans who currently preside over Washington D.C., we are still very strong as a nation and as a people because of the brilliant ideas of the founding fathers through the Constitution and Bill of Rights they gave us, hand written on vellum. Their clear thinking encoded safeguards and gave us tools which transcend the centuries and are as viable today as they were the day they were conceived. The sure stamp of their genius is the durability and flexibility of ideas which have withstood changes that not even they could have foreseen. The United States of America has withstood treachery and greedy excess far worse than what we see today. Many people that are interested in history have overcome the general malaise in what passes for public education in the subject of United States History. With the help of a few good teachers and professors and the public libraries, all that care to may learn what has led us up to where we are, and thereby have a pretty good idea of where we’re going as a nation.

This book is packed with factual data that sheds much light on various current issues. The president’s nativity, which has been swept under the rug and is poo-pooed as crazy by many respectable people, is all but proven to be a travesty …

It seems that the Obama administration ,which promised the most transparent presidential administration in history, is riddled with unanswered questions. Common sense suggests that this fraudulent foreign-born pretender has a lot to hide, and is being protected by an army of lawyers and bureaucrats the leader of which has been shown to be the questionable and very likely evil George Soros. Clearly, Obama is a Manchurian Candidate – the figurehead of a very powerful and nefarious conspiracy with the objective of “leveling the global playing field” by bringing down the USA and ending forever American Exceptionalism.

We owe Mr. Aquila a vote of thanks for this book, particularly his Ten Solutions For The Restoration of America. The people can defeat this horrible scheme by repudiating any and all ideas which are Communist-based such as “redistribution of the wealth”, by organizing, which Mr. Aquila has attempted through his South San Joaquin Republicans organization, and by retrieving the Democratic Party from the grip of evil.

The ultimate goal in America should be to go beyond and transcend all political parties; only then can we become a true United State of human beings cooperating and working within the structure of the Constitution; in which, by the way, the founders never mentioned political parties. The introduction of political parties weakens, not strengthens, the United States. This union needs to be reunited in the basic ideals upon which it was able to separate from the greatest power in the world and itself grow to be far greater. A quick scan of the Communist Manifesto will show just how George Soros and company are insidiously working to defeat this great country from within: the same way they brought down Czar Nicolas and started the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) – the biggest system of organized murder in modern history. Germany’s Hitler reputedly murdered 6 million while Stalin wiped out 20 million.

Steven J. Catalano
Dec. 5, 2011