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Impressed with Great Valley writing workshop
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Self-choice of what to write about, use of technology, and individual attention are three of the reasons my four children have enjoyed attending the Writing and Technology workshops through the Great Valley Writing Project over the last six years. Two of these children (who fought going the first year) can hardly wait for the workshop each summer as they have freedom of choice of the subject they write about.

 So many techniques and ideas (which follow the state standards just like in school) are taught during workshop, allowing the children better understanding of the writing process while at the same time giving them ownership of what they are writing. The kids are taught by qualified, certificated teachers. As a parent, I am grateful for this opportunity for my children. With the budget cuts and loss of summer school in the Manteca Unified School District, this is a wonderful chance to enhance my children’s education. Better writing skills increase reading skills increase student ability all the way around. Thank you, Great Valley Writing Project/Stanislaus State University, for this opportunity to help my children learn.
Robin Hawks
June 13, 2010

How can Obama
equate Gulf oil
crisis with 9-11?

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I was disappointed in our president’s announcement that the Gulf Oil Crisis is his 9-11.  How egotistical can this man be?  People died on 9-11 because of terrorism. 

The mess in the Gulf is President Obama’s Katrina.  He mishandled the crisis and is still mishandling the crisis.  Mr. Aquila wrote a lovely letter explaining how President Obama and BP are “perfect oil buddies”.  Why isn’t the media showing the mess caused by the Obama administration?  Thank you, Mr. Aquila, for providing some truth since the media refuses to do their job of reporting this mess.
Amy Sullivan
June 14, 2010