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Impressed with Karen Pearsalls temperament, composition
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In the Manteca Bulletin, Sunday, we were treated to another of Karen Pearsall’s superbly composed letters.  Her calm voice of reason is a breath of fresh air in this frequently over-charged atmosphere which has ranged from rancor and barely disguised enmity, all the way to silliness and ill advised levity.  Her careful research has paid off in rich detail, yet through prosaic skill is never pedantic, just very readably informative.  

Even her rare criticism is kind and gently laid on with butter, articulating her position, sweetly.  It appears that what we are very lucky to have an English major with a brain and a heart, we are all much better off for it.  It has been said that good writing is clear thinking; Karen is a perfect example of this with the added dimension of a genuinely caring spirit.  Every time she pens her longhand missives we are all not just informatively augmented but presented with a  fine work of short form literature.


Steven J. Catalano
Sept. 13, 2009