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Impressed with kindness of strangers in Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

On Monday morning, Aug. 6, my husband and I were riding our recumbent bicycles, turning the corner at K-Mart and Northgate, when I fell off my bike. Three men stopped and helped us, without us even flagging anybody down! One man got out of his car and helped my husband get me up on my feet, one pulled to the side of the road, waiting to see if there was something he could do, and another pulled up and asked if we needed him to put my bike in his truck bed if it was un-ridable.

Bless you all! In these days when we hear about so many of the stupid things people do, even here in Manteca, it was so refreshing to be reminded that there are still great people in this town of ours. You gentlemen were very thoughtful and helpful and though it was probably a small thing, you certainly made our day. Thanks for taking that time out of your day to help us in my very embarrassing accident.

Elaine Aberer
August 6, 2012