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Impressed with River Islands faculty
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Your article about River Tech Academy was fabulous. As a parent of a student that attends this school I really appreciate this article.

My son transferred from St. Anthony’s in RiTech’s inaugural year. While he was a good student he blossomed at RiTechA. For that I blame the faculty! The staff that Brenda Scholl has put together is fantastic. I think the stats of how many students followed the school to the new facility speaks volumes. Not to mention the waitlist.

When the families heard the news about what Banta was intending to do we were floored. We couldn’t believe that we may have had to find a new school for our kids after just 18 months. The plan that Brenda formulated along with Susan Dell’Osso was phenomenal. To go from not having a campus to having a complete campus in under 6 months is unheard of.  While this campus may not be the permanent campus that we thought we would have we, again as parents, don’t particularly care. We are moving into a new facility with upgrades over the old school. I personally can’t wait to see the new campus and I know my son is off the hook to get back to school and see the new campus. Wait till he finds out about the new sailing club.

By far the best thing, as I have already stated, about this school is the faculty and all this rest on the diminutive shoulders of Brenda. She is the masterful architect of this fantastic faculty. I know our family would  have followed this faculty into a cornfield if it meant our children were able to be taught by them.

 On a personal note – I think the fact that best thing for me is that the school was built despite Banta School District is what make me really happy. What they tried to do to our kids was despicable and a nasty lesson for our children about politics.

 So once again thank you for the fantastic article about our school. Although, we know it is a great school letting others know how good it is is also good.

 Kasey Cordoza