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Impressed with Scott Tolman
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I would like to respond to Mr. Fred Milner’s article on July 29. 
Thank you for correcting Scott Tolman’s historical error in regards to the early years of Lincoln Pool; considering Scott was not born at that time nor did he represent himself as a historian.  You must feel proud in correcting a young man’s error.  
In today’s society not many teenagers will take the time to prepare a speech, stand in front of a group of educated adults, and express their views for something that they believe in.  Based on your feedback, would it be better if Mr. Tolman did not care about his community? 
 You mention the noise level of Lincoln Pool so I assume you must live in close proximity.  The noise level at Lincoln Pool occurs from Memorial weekend through late August; that is a mere three months. You failed to mention the noise level from Manteca High when football teams take the field.  I am quite confident if you measured the decibel levels during a football game that they far exceed the pool levels.  Secondly, if the noise level has been an issue for the residents of the area then why would you suggest placing the proposed aquatic center in Woodward Park near those homes?   There are other undeveloped areas in Manteca that would be better suited for an aquatics center. 
You neglected to mention the thousands of young community members that have learned how to swim at Lincoln Pool during the past 50 something years.  Some of the swimmers have gone on to swim for Manteca Dolphins, the local high schools, and have a desire to continue to swim in a year round environment.  Some of those young swimmers now swim in masters programs or at a college level. 
I also attended the meeting and brought my three daughters.  We have taught them that they cannot complain about our community or other issues unless they are willing to help make a change and to hear both sides of a story.  Many individuals, including myself, spoke at the podium to express our desire for an aquatics center.  You, Mr. Milner, did not step up to the podium to voice your opinion during the meeting.  You have taken to hiding behind an editorial piece to belittle a young man’s attempt to make a change for the community.  Again, you must be very proud of yourself.

Lori Brubaker