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In defense of Councilman Hernandez
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This is in response to Fred Millner’s letter in Wednesday’s Manteca Bulletin:

I have read your progressively personal, negative letters regarding Manteca Councilman Vince Hernandez. I have a hard time understanding how a negative, angry person like you has any leg to stand on.

I would like to know who makes you the authority on the “city functions” or how the city operates! Have you ever suggested positive, constructive ideas rather than finding the negative? Do you ever speak at the podium at City Council meetings?

Did you attend the Manteca Senior Center “South of the Border Breakfast?” If you had, you would have enjoyed the company of the other members of the community who did attend and enjoyed the breakfast meal prepared by Councilman Hernandez, his family and members of the Senior Center breakfast committee. I don’t appreciate the discriminatory remark that you made regarding “South of the Border” versus “North of the Border.” What was your intent in making such a remark?

It seems as though you have a hard time when anyone, especially Councilman Hernandez, finds joy and happiness meeting and chatting with “old neighbors or new neighbors.” In case you didn’t know, last year it was Councilman Hernandez who played a pivotal role in evicting the gang members in your neighborhood, whether you want to believe that or not. It is interesting that you claim Cowell Avenue as your neighborhood although you have never lived on that street. Since I do know Councilman Hernandez personally, I can account for his whereabouts on the last Fourth of July 2008. He was with his wife, children and family enjoying the city of Manteca-sponsored 4th of July celebration.

Did you know he has volunteered, yes gave his time, at prior Manteca Fourth of July celebrations at Sierra High School — were you there to volunteer as well?

Councilman Hernandez does have a life outside of his “city” duties. He works a full time job. He adores his family and is committed to supporting his children at soccer, football, baseball, swimming and other outside functions. He and his family go to church on Sundays. He provides this city his time, effort, knowledge and expertise that it takes to be a successful city leader. Mr. Millner, how many of these qualities can you honestly share with this city?  It’s pitiful that you criticize him for volunteering at the Senior Center and accepting an invitation to attend the neighborhood potluck!

Why don’t you volunteer your time in the future, help a fellow neighbor, volunteer time to the shut-ins, help the homeless, or tutor a child? It would be a more positive way to share ideas instead of this gutless way through the paper attacking one person. Maybe if you ran for office you would no longer need to print bitter, personal attacks that benefit no one and slander the Councilman. There is nothing to be learned from a negative person who offers no positive suggestions.
Mary Mueller
July 9, 2009