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In defense of dogs inside supermarkets
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I’m writing in response to the letter written by Mrs. Johnson concerning someone bringing a dog into Save Mart. I have shopped Save Mart many times and the store is always full of customers with long lines at the check-out counter.

I would like to know if anyone else, of the many shoppers, complained about the dog or was it just Mrs. Johnson? I would not have complained. I would have petted the dog and thanked the lady who had the dog for not leaving the dog locked up in a hot car.

Yes, I know that only service dogs are allowed in stores, however, if Mrs. Johnson thinks that her shopping cart was sanitary and void of germs, she is sorely mistaken. I know people who clean and repair shopping carts and they would agree with me.

I think I would rather use a shopping cart that a little dog was in than one where a child with a wet, or worse, diaper had sat, or one that someone had used to empty their garbage in. The stores I mostly shop offer sanitizers to wipe the carts down with. I would suggest that Mrs. Johnson use one of these wipes, and find something more important to be appalled about.

Sarah Greenwood
June 11, 2012