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In defense of EU Cemetery volunteers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Normally I do not comment on many of the articles printed in the Manteca Bulletin.  They are usually informative of the city’s doings – people enjoying activities, the newspaper reaching out to inform us of those needing help.  Never in my 20+ years of residency have I been so disgusted with this city as I am today.  The article in regard to people who are unhappy with the East Union Cemetery and its volunteers, let me restate, volunteers, just disgusts me to the bone.  I understand a woman being in grief over her child, but to say the nasty things she said to a volunteer who lost their child through no fault of her own is pure disgusting.  Shame on that girl, because I will not call her a woman, for speaking to someone in that tone and putting the blame of a death on someone who is doing enough already.  

It is absolutely heart-breaking to hear people continually complaining of things that aren’t done as they’d like, knowing what is going on with the cemetery.  I applaud the volunteers for their continued efforts despite the constant hurdles they face.  When I continue to read articles like this, it just makes me wish the volunteers would quit, let things go to what they could be if they weren’t there in an effort to help other people realize what a great thing these volunteers are doing.

 Our city could not have been more blessed by the efforts of these volunteers, without them the cemetery would look like a weed garden.  We’d really have the complainers then.  They are the people who talk but are never the type to take action to do anything about it.  It is easy to complain, only those with heart and moral souls actually do something about it.

 Thank you for the article.  I only hope more people will take action and try to help instead of constantly being someone who contributes to the problem by making things harder than need be.  If the mean grouch wants to leave flowers, help volunteer.  If more people were available to help, the requests by the volunteer board wouldn’t need to be so extreme.  If you aren’t going to actively help, then my best advice is to be silent.  Your mean and hurtful words bring nothing positive to this horrible situation.  Get over yourself and realize there is more outside of your own personal life when these people sacrifice hours and hours out of their week to help others, while you complain about yourself and your needs.  It is what it is, either make it better or shut up.
 Linda Jimenez
April 15, 2009