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In defense of teens speaking out
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
L. B. Bozell’s column regarding what he calls “teenager rage” is just one more example of exactly what these young people are upset about.  He puts them down like they are a bunch of spoiled brats, when in fact they are courageously calling out generations of failure on the part of adults to adequately tackle the problem of too many military weapons in the hands of civilians who act like immature children. They scream and cry any time someone even hints that those weapons are not sporting or militia weapons, but are killing weapons not intended for killing anything but human beings. 
Bozell laments that “These teenagers might accomplish in one week what the anti-Second Amendment crowd, led by these same media elites, has failed to do for decades.”  What weak minded logic turns anti-military weapon access into anti-Second Amendment rights?  Whose logic is that of children here?  He attacks media elites and liberal journalists who have praised these young adults for their efforts to put an end to the madness surrounding military weapon access and weekly mass murders committed with them.  He wants to brand them as some mindless little brats who are being used by the “liberal media.”  I strongly agree with those young adults who say that our politicians should not be accepting money from the NRA.  As a matter of fact, we need to overturn Citizen’s United and get corporate money out of politics and elections.  Even teenagers know that money is not free speech, but is a plague on our political system.
Bozell again reverts to some twisted logic when he says that survivor David Hogg who said that “politician’s should not take money from the NRA because they are “child murderers,”  which he says stains the reputations of millions of NRA members.  If anything stains the reputations of NRA members it is that of their members who swear that the constitution allows civilian citizens the right own military weapons of mass murder; weapons that have absolutely nothing to do with sport hunting, or in realistically protecting us from a repressive government gone awry. 
Shamefully, some of these intelligent young students have been branded as “actors, phonies, travelling trouble makers, etc.”  They have received death threats for their efforts from the very people who should not have any access to any kind of weapons.  As the lyrics of David Bowie suggest, “And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their world, are immune to their consultations, they’re quite aware of what they’re going through.” 
I am  very hopeful that these brave young adults are so fed up with our failure to protect them that they bring about the changes that those in power have neglected to do for far too long.  God bless them one and all!

Mike Killingsworth