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Irate about ADA lawsuit games in Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I haven’t felt so irate in a long time, to see someone abuse their position for personal gain (Monday’s Bulletin, “ADA action crippling business: Serial litigator targeting at least Manteca merchants”). Scott Johnson must have some deep seated hatred of being handicapped, to target, unjustifiably, so many of our local (and state) businesses. However, your article failed to take the subject full circle: So what is being done to prevent Mr. Johnson from using his profession to appease a personal anger at his handicap? 

 Has any one of the state agencies that governs and monitors these types of frivolous lawsuits done anything what so ever to prevent this from happening? Is Mr. Johnson under scrutiny, or investigation? These instances noted in this article are just trivial and pathetic at best. Ambulance chasers in days gone by are now American with Disabilities Act (ADA) chasers. And, let’s not forget he gets a cut, if not all, of any settlement monies he obtains. With 3000 plus lawsuits by the same attorney, for the same reasons, sans any actual clients complaining, should have long ago gotten the attention of the capitol. Are they asleep at the wheel again. eh?

Yes, there are justified complaints that would make life easier for the handicapped. But, this must bring shame to their hearts, to see someone abusing a jurisdiction set up for their protection and safety, being used for personal gain. And, don’t even suggest he is sharing those proceeds among all of the handicapped in California! The man needs some serious psychological counseling to deal with his vengeance, rather than let it play out in a court of law, at the expense of the taxpayer, to line his pockets!


Leanne Magincalda