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Is council taking orders from church on trees?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It seems as though Councilman Vince Hernandez has put the Tidewater-Moffat tree project back on the agenda. This was done in a timely manner to take advantage of Steve DeBrum missing from the council  on Tuesday night.

Hernandez told me he just wanted to hear what the congregation proposes. Since when did the council start taking orders from the church? This congregation is ignoring the deficit we’re in and is pushing the tree project. Hernandez simply was pressured by Mayor Willie Weatherford, who is using this church to change the vote on this non-priority project. Hernandez told me he recalled this tree project to review the congregation’s proposal to provide maintenance and  plant the trees. He explained he still might vote against the project because it doesn’t change the cost in annual  maintenance. You just don’t make a recall unless you want to change your vote. I say it will at least be a three to one vote if Debby Moorhead sticks with her vote. It seems Weatherford will do anything to get his way, even arrange for DeBrum to be out of town on the recall. What project does Hernandez want approved for changing his vote? It is a shame that we have such weak backboned individuals on our council. I grow tired of seeing people on the council missing when key issues are before the council. Recently, the council voted on an issue and the mayor was playing softball in another state and because he was missing, he put it back on the agenda. Everything seems to revolve around the mayor and he will do anything to see that things go the way he wants them to go.
Fleener  Richards
July 17, 2009