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Is history repeating itself in the Middle East?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I remember before World War II that for years Hitler was taking over much of Europe.

England kept asking us for help. Franklin D Roosevelt kept sending shiploads of arms and supplies. A lot of the ships got through and many were sunk by the Germans.

This went on for years and Hitler kept taking over all the countries he could.

 Churchill kept asking us to get in on the war and help them out but we kept dragging our feet.

Then on Dec., 7 1941 all hell broke loose when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. We then entered the war and joined forces with England and others and then brought peace to the world again. If we would have gotten in with England earlier many lives would have been saved on all sides.

Now all hell broke loose again on 9-11-2001 and we went to war again. Now we have an ally asking for help again against a force trying to take over their land and wipe them off the face of the earth.

Their leader Bebe Netanyahu ask for a meeting with our President for some help and it looks like he won’t get a meeting because he’s too busy trying to get reelected.

Remember what happened in 1941? Could this happen again? Israel is our only ally in that part of the world   I sure hope we wake up soon enough.

Bud Wallace


Sept. 24, 2012