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Is it really about stopping the killing of children?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Planned Parenthood (proudly) says they performed (killed) 333,000 (children) abortions in 2011.

That means the American abortion industry, with the blessing of the United States Supreme Court and our government, commits the equivalent of thousands upon thousands of Sandy Hook mass murders every year. Add the yearly death toll of victims killed, maimed and/or injured yearly by drunk drivers, I just have to wonder why the government, along with their lap dog leftist media, is worried about guns?

The statistics are shocking, to say the least, and repugnant to a majority of Americans. Yet the slaughter continues unabated and your tax dollars are being used to pay for most of these abortions. So when I hear the left say that “ if it saves just one life, banning firearms is worth it”, their words fall on deaf ears. Their hypocrisy is both absurd and obscene.

The left does not care about children.

It does, however, care about disarming you.

You might want to wonder why.

Al Barth


Jan. 9, 2013