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Is it too much to ask for cute downtown?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
How well we know Manteca is not Pleasanton, Lodi or Livermore.  Having moved here a year ago from the Bay Area, I am very aware of what it had to offer.
That being said, is it too much to ask for a cute downtown area in Manteca that has freshly painted buildings, maybe an awning or two or pots of brightly colored flowers?  Where is the landlords’ pride of ownership or the Council’s pride for the city it represents?  Maybe we will never be able to have a lot of the downtown dining spots many of us were used to, but it would be nice to drive through the downtown without cringing due to the lack of anything pleasant to view along the way.
What about quality vs. quantity?  I think a downtown pleasing to the eye is a great place to start.  Who knows, it might make more people want to stroll the downtown, spend their dollars, and possibly attract “quality” businesses. 
We plan on attending the Council Forum and will vote for people with vision, the can do folks. . . .like it or not, Manteca is growing . . . adjustments will need to be made to be a community that thrives — -not just a city with too many trucks passing through it.

Kris Day