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Is Obama trying to buy off seniors?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Why has the Obama Administration decided to issue checks for $250 to everyone that is receiving Social Security? Are they trying to buy off the senior citizens so the health reform plan will be passed? Do they think that the American senior citizen is so stupid and shallow that all it will take is 30 pieces of silver? Are we at the same level as Judas?

I hope the American senior will consider everything that will be sacrificed for the $250 - your children’s and grandchild’s future, increase in taxes after 2013 of up to $4000 per year by 2019 for a family of four.

If the cost-of-living-increase can’t be issued then I don’t see how this money can be issued.

Please, please keep the pressure on Congress and the Senate. Health care reform is needed but it can be accomplished by instituting tort reform, controlling the lawyers, and allowing health insurance to be offered across state lines, this would remove monopolies by major insurance companies and increase competition.
 Dale Burnham
Oct. 15, 2009