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Its conservatives vs. liberals not Demos vs. Republicans
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It is time to make perfectly clear that today’s political stage is not between the Democratic party and the Republican party. When in reality it is between the liberals, who support big government (ala California), and conservatives who believe smaller government is the answer and that the Republican party has drifted too far to the left so there is a concerted effort to bring the GOP back to the conservative agenda that made it a great party.

We hear from local liberals that they have trouble accepting the fact that the bankruptcy of California is a democratic party problem. There is one plain and simple fact that put the blame squarely on them – the flat refusal of the leaders of the Democratic party to cut the special interest programs that have made their elections possible. They forget that they are supposed to represent the people, not the money lenders that sponsored them. Money lenders is the correct term because they do expect return favors. Yes there are members of the GOP just as guilty but right now it is the Democratic party that is willing to let law enforcement, fire protection and education suffer while they maintain the programs for the special interests. The conservative movement will, in fact deal with GOP members who cater to special interests over the good of the people.

What needs to be understood is that recent polls show that only 21% are considered liberals while 40% consider themselves moderate and 40% consider themselves to be conservative. The tide is turning and if the GOP will not respond to the conservative voices there are enough of us to make a new party that will support the conservative agenda.

Meanwhile the people need to make up their minds if they really like the idea of big government. Especially when it is very possible that as in other socialists countries tax rates could go as high as 70% in order to support all the agenda of the giant government that in reality only takes care of the special few in leadership positions. Take a look at Russia, China or Cuba. Do those people look happy? Why are they willing to risk their lives to escape from their home? Why is the news media controlled by the government? Why is the government so intolerant of freedom? Yet the 20% this nation is willing to give up its freedom to follow the socialist trend of “share the poverty”.

The conservative party has the answer-return to the concepts that made this nation great - the faith and agenda of the founding fathers. Return to “one nation under God” family values and a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The conservatives are trying to point out that the socialist countries of Europe voted down socialism in this last election because they found out it does not work. The people of Canada, England and France are warning against nationalized health care because it doesn’t work. But the government controlled news media of the united states will not inform us of this news. It is time for the people to become informed and vocal.  Wake up, America, your future is at risk.
Jerry Johnson
July 8, 2009