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Its her mom going into Hall of Fame
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

On Saturday, May 9, several people will be inducted into the Manteca Hall of Fame at the Senior Center.  One of those people is my mom, Ruth Boggs.  She was a wonderful woman and contributed a lot to our community over the years as a teacher and member of the community.  

Since the names of the inductees were announced, many people have assumed that I am the person that will be inducted.  I have received phone calls and notes besides face to face congratulations.  While I am flattered that my friends and acquaintances  believe I am deserving of such an  award, I  want to clarify that it is my mom, Ruth  Boggs (whose middle name is Anne!!!)  and not me, Ruthanne Bassett, who is being honored on May 9.  

I am very thankful to have had such a wonderful mother.  She spent most of her life helping people in one way or another.  She gave the time it took to listen and give sound advice to uncountable numbers of people including her kids!!!  Many of the things she did were only noticed by the people she was helping.  Everyone she connected with was better off as a result.   I will be very proud to see her name among those who are part of the Manteca Hall of Fame.


Ruthanne Bassett