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Its not about insurance but control of the church
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I’m writing about your column (Dennis Wyatt column on Feb. 6: “Obama essentially decrees Catholics can’t be Catholics”) about the Catholic Church and Obama’s mandatory insurance he is forcing on them. I am not a Catholic, I’m Pentecostal, but I stand firmly with the Catholic Church and their position.

I feel this is more than an insurance problem. It’s getting control of the church. Which church will be next? Will we, who believe in what our Bibles tell us, be subjected to whatever Obama can come up with to push not only us, but God out of our churches? I believe this is his plan.

 I once read a poem that began, “When they came for the Jews I did nothing because it didn’t affect me.” I don’t remember the entire poem, but I remember it going on to say that they came after so many that when they came after me there was no one left to protect me. I feel this is just beginning to happen to us now under Obama’s plan to turn us into a Socialist country.

Already our tax money goes for abortion which I have no control over. I have no control over homosexuality being taught in schools, but my tax money pays for it. We have fallen so far that only God can help us. Please pray for our beloved country that God made great, but, sadly, we’re pushing God out. God forgive us.

Sarah Greenwood
Feb. 9, 2012