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Its time to vote every incumbent out of office
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

We are witnessing a time in history when elected officials (politicians) are blatantly running rampant over the people they are supposedly in power to represent.  In case you doubt this (and you are a legal citizen, working for a living, raising a family, paying taxes, etc.), see if you can honestly answer this question:  What is the government doing that represents my interests?  Did you ask for government-run health care?  Did you request government mandates on your energy use and costs?  Did you consent to the government takeover of the home loan and automobile industries?  Did you petition the government to try terrorists in show-trial criminal courts rather than under military tribunals?  Did you give the OK to push the bill for runaway spending off into a future that neither our children nor grandchildren will be able to pay back?

 In California we’re privileged to enjoy double the benefits of government-gone-wild.  For years we have endured a state legislature (and governors) that are beholden to no one but themselves and their big money contributors.  Because they are unwilling to cut any of their top-heavy bureaucracies or bloated entitlement programs, year after year they spend with reckless abandon and drive our state deficit into the stratosphere.  The recent news that the University of California system wants a 32% hike in tuitions is just the latest example of expecting us to pick up the tab for their irresponsible behavior.  Here’s another question to ask yourself:  In 1950s California, taxes were much lower, and state college tuitions were free, what happened?

 Why do we accept this?  Politicians and their apologist media have done such an outstanding job of convincing us that it’s our civic duty to share the burden by digging deeper into our own pockets, that partisan buffoons such as Tom Elias (November 21, “Sky is not falling on California”) actually tout as a good sign the fact that California cities are passing local tax or fee increases to help make up for what the state stole from them in the first place.

 Our federal and state legislators have completely betrayed the public trust.  Although their actions are nothing new, they are happening on a grander scale and more accelerated rate than ever before.  It will not stop unless we stop them, and here is how to do it:

 At election time, vote every incumbent out of office.  Democrats are running the show, but the so-called Republican opposition has been both weak and ineffective.  Throwing them all out is the only message they will understand, and the only way to begin reclaiming government.

Continue to vote them out each election cycle, unless they are advancing an agenda representing our best interests, namely reducing government size and spending, encouraging individual responsibility and getting out of the way of us living our lives.

Pay close attention to state propositions.  This will be particularly important in 2010 as there are several initiatives that could affect how state government is to function in the future.  Take the time to carefully research them…there are some bad ideas in there, too.

Do not let these worms off the hook.  Do not be fooled into allowing them any more time in office.  Say no to expansion of government “daycare” and yes to personal freedom and independence.  Let your rallying cry be (to quote a popular recent phrase), if they’re up, they’re out!

 Ken Ross
Nov. 23, 2009