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Jack up sales tax 2 cents for parks?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The Manteca City Council meeting on July 19 was quite interesting. Scott Tolman, the standout “superstar swimmer” from Sierra High School spoke to the council urging them  to build a new aquatic center to replace the aging swimming pool at Lincoln Park that he says was built in the 1950s. Well, you are wrong Scott. The pool was built in the mid-1960s – you might try sticking to your swimming and leave the history of Lincoln Park to me.
The Parks Master Plan, which a new pool would be a part of along with a dozen major projects, is going to cost a ton of money. Two dozen other people spoke to the council telling them they wanted a volleyball court. Another group wants a new skate park and a new tennis court was also mentioned. Councilman Richard Silverman, who rarely says anything sensible, finally did say something worth listening to.
Silverman says they should close Lincoln Pool. Yes, they should close Lincoln Pool. People who live next to the pool have been listening to screaming, hollering, and yelling kids for fifty years. A new aquatic center should be built at Woodward Park, then Tolman could teach “The Big 3” of DeBrum, Silverman and Hernandez how to become swimming instructors. In order for all of this to come about I urge the “good ol’ boy” council to place on the November ballot a full two-cent “Parks Master Plan” tax so that money would flow in like turning on a water faucet.

Fred Millner