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Jerry Brown flip flops on no new tax promise
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

While seeking the governorship of California, Jerry Brown made a pledge that if elected that there would be no new taxes. He pledged, made a vow, and swore that he would not ask the taxpayers for any new taxes. But just like our good “ole boy council” that did a flip-flop concerning the McKinley Interchange, “No-tax Brown” now has also done a “flip-flop” concerning the tax issue.

“No-tax Brown” now is asking voters for another half-cent sales tax that he says is needed to help the state get out of this financial mess that elected leaders themselves have created. “No-tax Brown” the king of smooth talkers, says this tax would expire in 2016. I am sure that by 2016 the state would have created another blunder which they are good at, thus needing to extend the tax further. The taxpayers of our state are tired of tax, tax, tax, due to the incompetent leadership of the politicians in Sacramento, who are plunging the state deeper in debt. It is not another tax that is needed it is cutting the fat at the State Capital that is needed.

If the taxpayers are asked to vote for anything it should be to vote “No-tax Brown” out of office. Brown says this tax is needed for schools. What a sneak job this is, the schools get enough of our tax dollars, plus millions of dollars from the State Lottery. The voters of our state should think twice before voting for any new tax that “No-tax Brown” is seeking.

Fred Millner
Dec. 5, 2011