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Jim Carlton: Well done, good and faithful servant
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,
Thank you for your article and tribute to my friend, Pastor Jim Carlton.  “PC,” as he was affectionately known to everyone, never sought attention, instead preferring to meet people on a one-to-one basis.  When PC spoke to you, there was no ulterior motive;  he was genuinely interested in your day.  

This was particularly amazing because for most of the time I knew him, he was suffering or in pain, yet continued to “do the Lord’s work” and minister to others, often disregarding doctor’s orders to the contrary.  He never complained or used his medical ailments as an excuse.  In fact, only those closest to him even knew of  his several brushes with death.  

Despite his own health problems, anytime, day or night, no matter the distance, if he received a call that someone was in the hospital or dying, he was by their bedside offering prayer, comfort, and most of all, friendship.  If anyone exemplified the love and strength of Christ on earth, Jim Carlton did.  He was a tireless worker, and a devoted husband and father.  He was fun to be around, and accompanied our youth choir to Hawaii in 1977.  I had the pleasure of going with him to Swaziland in Africa in 1985 on a short mission trip, and realized what a great sense of humor he had (and how much he enjoyed practical jokes!).  Of all of the people I have met during my life, no one, besides my father, had the impact in shaping me as an individual as did PC.  Faithful Christian, tireless worker, father and husband...all of these words describe this extraordinary man, but I will miss him most as my friend.  I wish everyone could have met PC, but your article helped to memorialize a wonderful life.

He would be embarrassed by all of the attention, but it is a great lesson that one does not have to be famous to impact the world, and in the end, it is done, one person at a time.  Jim Carlton proved that point well, and countless individuals are better people for knowing him.  PC, in the words of Jesus, whose life you illustrated to me and so many others:  “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
Tony J. Agbayani, Jr.
Judge of the Superior Court
San Joaquin County Superior Court
June 17, 2009