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Jowell Griggs was a true inspiration
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
 I would like to express my deepest sorrow in the loss of Jowell Griggs. We all loved Jowell. She was one of a kind.

I have worked at the Bulletin for almost 20 years so I worked with Jowell continuously over the years.

We had a special relationship. She worked with me when I first started working here. That was when I designed ads that she sold. It was a learning curve for both of us. We experienced early on that we worked better as a team rather than under one another. It took a couple of short spats to learn from each other. But we did. We both had common goals and that was to be the best in what we did. Jowell was a person who, if you gave her a task to do, she dug in and accomplished it with pride in her work. She earned her respect as a very professional woman. She knew what work was and never complained. She was a salesperson in her previous years here and came back later as a supervisor for ad sales. She believed in fairness toward her sales staff. She was firm but not one who cracked the whip towards any one of them. If she did lean on any one of them it was because she wanted them to accomplish their goals. She was not partial to one or the other, she was fair to all of them. Jowell definitely earned her respect as a professional. A great leader!
Jowell was very inspirational in everything she did. She worked continuously with the community. A friend to everyone. I never knew anyone who didn’t love Jowell. She worked with various community projects. Always giving! She worked for Give Every a Child a Chance and put everything into her work and other charitable events. A talent of giving is what Jowell possessed. We should all learn from her.    

Jowell and I had more than work in common. Our kids brought us together also. Andrew used to play basketball at the Boys and Girls Club with my boys. I can still remember when Andrew was so little. That was when the boys started playing sports and we both loved to sit and watch them together.  I remember her little girl — cute as her mama. Jowell used to bring and show her off. And when Jowell had her baby boy, my daughter had a baby boy at almost the same time. My grandson is 12 years in November, about the same age as her youngest son. Jowell and my daughter worked together at the Bulletin at about the same time. Jowell’s family was everything to her. She was always at her kids’ events and you always saw Jowell with her kids and husband. She participated in her family interests and I never heard her complain when she talked about them. Always busy and loving every moment of it. Always talking about her kids and how proud she was of them and her husband. Her family came first, first she loved them. But everyone loved Jowell. She had many, many friends. Lots of us “ole fogies” from work - we all loved Jowell. She never thought she was too good for anyone. Very unselfish. We cherish the laughter with her.

We had fun with her over the years and no one can replace “Jowell.” When she became sick she still lived, when we cried — she fought on. She smiled and gave us all inspiration. Now she looks down on us and still gives us strength to live on. Because that is what she did right up to the end. Jowell will be missed by all of us.
Kay Garcia
Sept. 24, 2009