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Just who are all of those fringies anyway?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After my last letter to the Editor was published (Who speaks for the Republican Party?) Thursday, June 18, which included an exercise where a player makes a list of well known Fringe personalities such as Rush Limbaugh and a list of local Fringe members then draws a line from one member on one list to the other which most resembles that member, two responses appeared on these pages.

The first response, (Republicans need to stop following Democrats, by Robert Blanch, was from someone who apparently felt left out of the game and made a mad dash to the Fringe dugout by making absurd claims and wild accusations. He starts out with a claim about a statement I never made, something about this country having more Democrats. That may be the case but I don’t remember saying it. He goes on with more mumbo jumbo about how the people have seen the light and apparently are on their way back to the bosom of the GOP. All that would probably be enough to guarantee a lifetime local Fringe membership but as if to make it an absolute certainty, he makes the Fringiest claim of all, “Obama is not a natural-born U.S citizen”. Now that is as Fringie as you can get.

The other response was from my old friend, James Simoni, who has been a local Fringe member in good standing for a long time (Writer says God has a country that he favors. Mon. Jun 22.) That heading should leave no doubt. Something several people noticed right away was that the 4th Dimension apparently has no spell checker, the other was that there must be another Old Testament with way more interesting stories. Mr. Simoni claims that God does indeed have a favorite country and that is “Isreal”. (Actually I have heard it pronounced that way when I was stationed in Arkansas for awhile.) I assume Mr. Simoni is not Jewish since he does have a Bible. I wonder if he knows the Jewish Religion does not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and only believe him to be just another Jewish Rabbi. I also wonder how Mr. Simoni so easily puts Israel as God’s favorite country when the people there do not believe Jesus Christ to be his only Son. Also, since Mr. Simoni has established Israel as number one on God’s speed dial, then how do the other countries rate? Where is the United States? How about Mexico, arguably way more religious than the U.S? How about Iraq? After all that was the region where most of the better known stories in the Old Testament originated, a couple of thousand years before they appeared in the Old Testament as I understand it. Stories like Adam and Eve, the great flood, the Tower of Babel, you know, the ones that gave you a headache when you were a kid. Maybe it was just me. Growing up as a Catholic and becoming an Altar Boy didn’t help any, believe me.

Anyway, would those of you who are playing my little “Name your favorite Fringie” game, please add Robert Blanch to your local Fringe list and underline James Simoni or just add two or three James Simoni’s. Don’t you think it is people like these two who have the GOP circling the drain these days?
Larry Baca
June 22, 2009