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Keep water tower, fix it, & take the money
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am an amateur radio operator and helped with the antenna and wire installation that supplies a computer controlled repeater in the shop building. It should be said that installation of the antenna and coax wire was no small task. We had help from a mountain-climbing club and used pulleys to lift the wire to the top as it was really heavy.

The Manteca Amateur Radio Club repeater serves San Joaquin and surrounding counties. Because of the location on the tower station master antenna works really well. By moving the antenna to another tower it is possible that it will not perform the same and needs to be noted that the radio repeater is supported by private donations. When all other communication fails amateur radio works in a disaster and is important.

I think the city is missing the point that saving the water tower would be a good idea and with the lack of water 300,000 gallons at 8.35 pounds per gallon is 2,505,000 pounds less load on the top. My suggestion is rent out space on the tower for commercial communication antennas to pay for painting and other restoration. Metro PCS paying $2,000 a month should cover the cost.

I will agree let’s save the taxpayers’ money and keep the tower as an icon. People the visiting Manteca will see a giant pumpkin.

Manteca Amateur Radio Club meets the first Thursday each month at Manteca Fire Station 1, 290 S. Powers Avenue in a back classroom at 7 p.m.

Bill Scott
Amateur Radio Operator
April 23, 2012