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Kings James isnt only version of Bible
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I understand living in a bubble can be best described as reality based isolation, but even Superman occasionally ventures out of his fortress of solitude. Apparently not so for our favorite Bubble Boy and author of the letter (“Christmas, Israel, Iran & the Prophecies”) published on Monday, Dec 9.

First we must remind everyone, this was from someone who actually believes the Earth is only a few thousand years old and dinosaurs lived with mankind, just like in the Flintstones. Really! He does. He told me so.

This time our science challenged writer reminds us that Christmas is a Christian holiday and Liberals are not invited, as if all Liberals are pagans or worse. If one actually researched the origins of Christmas, it would best and simply be described as “Christians celebrating the birth of a Jewish Savior by receiving gifts beneath a pagan tree from an obese, German trespasser”. Remember also that our writer only used one book to study both science and history and that, of course, was his version of the Bible. To him that book also serves as his main tool as our resident fortune teller and claims out of 5,000 prophecies in his Bible, only 500 remain. So what happens when the last 500 are used up? I would guess someone will come up with yet another version and start all over, just like has been done in the past. (King James Version isn’t the only game in town you know).

I wonder if our writer missed the part in his history book where Jesus was actually Jewish, and would have observed Hanukkah (if Hanukkah had existed then, which it didn’t). Our writer seems to be a defender of Israel, which is not a bad thing but I wonder if he even realizes that Jews are not Christians in fact do not believe in Jesus as the Son of God but only as another Rabbi, which he was, nor was he the Savior Christians claim him to be which the Jews are still waiting on.

Of course what would all this be without trying to demonize President Obama, never mind that in doing so, he just makes up stuff. For example, he claims President Obama has allowed Iran to continue their nuclear program as if to insinuate that this includes the production of nuclear weapons. Of course it does not and in fact calls for unrestricted inspections which are going on as we speak. He also claims the Obama Administration has abandoned Israel. Wonder why then does the U.S. still send millions upon millions to Israel in foreign aid including the latest in weaponry.

We are also told that President Obama is moving us toward a one-world socialistic/communistic controlled government and throws in the dreaded 666 scare tactic used for centuries by Christian religions and various exorcist movies. Apparently President Obama is appointing someone “ give them authority to international law rather than interpret laws based on the U.S. Constitution”. Wonder how he is going to do all than with the two plus years he has left? And who is this mysterious appointee?

I think our writer should come out of his bubble for a brief history lesson and take a good look around, this nation might have been founded as a Christian Nation but that was when that was all there were. That was hundreds of years ago and things have changed, there are now many religious persuasions and they are not all Christian so don’t expect to see Christmas trees in every window, Pagan or otherwise.

Larry Baca


Dec. 10, 2013