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Kudos to Congress on health care
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

I would like to publicly thank the House of Representatives, especially my Congressman Jerry McNerney for having the courage, insight, and wisdom to pass H.R. 3962, the first health care reform bill in America.

My wife is a Republican and I am a Democrat and we both heartily support these efforts to bring about comprehensive reform to our nation’s health care system.  We understand that, at the outset, everything is not going to please everyone or be the magic bullet to end all problems.  But we see this as a great step forward towards a better health care system than the one which continues to be devastating for American families, businesses, and our economy.  The insurance industry will survive the overhaul and should be willing to make the necessary shifts and adjustments that will allow all Americans to have access to quality & affordable healthcare.

This is the first step up and out of the health care quagmire that continues to endanger the economy and the everyday lives of our citizens.
Kudos to Congress!

Tony & Marie Lozano
Nov. 9, 2009