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Labels Demos place on those they disagree
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin 

It’s funny, if it wasn’t so darn serious, but over the years Democrats have saddled me with many labels, all because I believe I’m supporting my Country, the Constitution, our troops and freedom.

 Lately, I’ve been called a terrorist for believing and supporting the Second Amendment rights guaranteed in the Constitution.  You know, it seems that because we cannot legislate sanity the Democrats want law-abiding gun owners to give up their firearms. If the Democrats or anyone else is so concerned about "saving one child's life" then maybe they should work harder to legislate against drunken drivers.  That thinking makes me a terrorist.

 I’m a Tea-Bagger for supporting the Constitution.  Yep, I’m anti-American for supporting those who believe in the Constitution.

I’m a threat to national security because I won’t shut up.  I’m a trouble maker for asking questions the media refuses to ask.

I’m called a conspiracy theorist for showing documented facts.

I’m a religious fanatic for believing Jesus Christ died for our sins. 

I’m war monger because I support our troops. 

I’m a homophobe for supporting traditional marriage between man and woman.

I’m a greedy capitalist for believing we should work for our wages and be able to keep some of them.

I’m a separatist because I oppose illegal immigration and oppose Sharia Law.

 Yep, you have me pegged.  I’m guilty of all the above and darn proud of it.  What’s your point?

 Al Barth


Feb. 14, 2013