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Latest redistricting plan lacks political balance
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

If, as the Manteca Bulletin stated (page A-1 and A-7 Saturday, July 30), “the commission members -- five Republicans, five Democrats and four Independents -- were selected in a random process overseen by the state auditor’s office”, why is the Democratic party given “majority Democrats even more power in the nation’s most populous state”.  Our founding fathers are, once again, turning over in their graves. 

The lack of political balance is preposterous; this redistricting could be considered a joke if it weren’t such a serious issue -- another contributing factor to the downfall of America, being chipped away bit by bit: The Debt Ceiling issue and the Health Care issue.

As a TV advertisement shows so simply and eloquently, “It’s like an addict needing another fix. We’ve had so many financial “fixes” in the recent past three years my concern is, will our country, therefore our citizens overdose before the politicians see the truth they have all distorted in their game of greedy power grab?  This ridiculous redistribution is one more “leak in the levee”.  I hope we don’t all drown!

And, oh yes, my statement from San Joaquin County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk Kenneth W. Blakemore, regarding my assessment notice shares with me that my home valued  a few years ago at $400,000 plus, valued  in 2010/11 at $272,030 will be $191,000 in the upcoming  tax year based on January 1, 2011 market value.  Hmmm!  I was born in 1929 some 20 days before the first market crash/depression. It looks like I’m celebrating Depression No. 2, the 2011 version.  Is it time to step up to reality and responsibility people?  Whether you are Democratic, Republican or Independent, we could all use a fair, honest redistricting that allows all of Manteca and Lathrop, Ripon and Escalon to be included in the same representative area by representatives who live here in our valley/community.

M. Louise Holmes
July 30, 2011