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Lathrop cant afford Ornelas as a councilman
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Where does the frivolous spending of hardworking men and women’s taxes end for those who live in Lathrop?

City council member Omar Ornelas knows no boundaries when it comes to spending, diverting and otherwise wasting our tax dollars. Recently, he tried to engineer a change to the city’s business codes to give mobile food vendors a pass at paying the same fees as other brick and mortar food establishments pay, based mostly on his preference on how good their food tastes. He followed this up by trying to use monies from the city’s general fund to offset the inability or unwillingness to pay monthly water bills to the most delinquent and chronic abusers in the city. Now he finagled his way in to having the city pay for a smart phone, a benefit no other council member has requested.

This would not be so bad if Ornelas was not already receiving a $27 5stipend each month from the city. Easy math would tell you that a smart phone with unlimited phone, e-mail and texting costs about $100 a month, which would leave Ornelas with $175  left to spend on whatever.

We often complain that are elected leaders in Sacramento have lost sight of how they spend and mismanage our tax dollars on programs that we don’t need and can ill afford. Ever wonder when they started thinking the way they do?

Paul T. Rengh
Feb. 2, 2012