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Lauds Obligacions leadership
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I unfortunately could not make it to the open house reception for Police Chief Nick Obligacion’s retirement as police chief on Thursday. However, I want to take this opportunity to say what an outstanding public servant Chief Nick has been for the community. The men and women of Manteca Police Department under the Chief’s leadership have done an excellent job of making our streets and neighborhoods safer by and large over the last decade. By most statistics, crime in Manteca has fallen compared to years past. Homelessness, while still a major issue in our city, is being addressed in a unique and effective way with the addition of community resource officers to our police force. All in all, the record of the police department under the Chief’s watch is an admirable one.
On a personal note, I also want to acknowledge the Chief for being a very active part of our community. You can usually spot him at any of the community events held around the year in Manteca. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the Chief report on the police department and crime in Manteca when he has given his annual report to the Manteca Patriots. He has consistently shown fairness to the various community groups regardless of their ideology or attitude toward law enforcement. Because of this, our group proudly donated to the Police Chief’s Foundation, which benefits at-risk youth in our community.
Ultimately, I want to express my thanks to Chief Nick for his service to the community and I wish him and his family the best as he embarks on future endeavors. I also wish continued success and give my support to incoming Chief Jodie Estarziau and the entire police department as she leads the police department into the coming years.

David Cushman