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Lazy & irresponsible trash Manteca
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Editor, Manteca  Bulletin,
To expand on the continuing “attack on trash” issue.  A majority of the general public are familiar with Seniors Helping Area Residents and Police’s efforts to recover abandoned shopping carts, to eradicate graffiti, and identify numerous abandoned, stolen, disabled, vehicles for removal from our streets.  But, it is not at all familiar to many that SHARP also contributes to removal of a variety of trash, found in and around the city’s alleyways and abandoned lots. 
Every Saturday, rain or shine, several SHARPs assist a Manteca Police officer and a dozen or so AWP members from the Court’s Alternate Work Program that the San Joaquin Co Sheriff Office manages and makes available to us.  Trash information is passed on to us from SHARP units patrolling alleys,  MPD’s officers on patrol, complaints from the public, referrals from the city’s Government Out Reach  Program, etc. We collect discarded sofas, recliners, mattresses, multiple bags of trash, numerous old tires, and yes, tumbleweeds, that make up the bulk of our treasure. 
However, in addition to the alleys, and vacant lots, this past year , removals of abandoned homeless camps, and removals of active camps have picked up noticeably.  Frequently, we have had to arrange for a city garbage truck to accompany us on our rounds working with our AWP people to handle the removal of accumulated trash and structures from the many encampments that quickly become eyesores and unsanitary if left unaddressed.  Unfortunately, the coming months of cold, and El Nino type weather is going to have a harsh impact on these folks and their search of shelter.
In closing, I’ve been working this issue for the past 7+ years and feel that the on-going unsightly trash problem identified above is not due to neglect or indifference by city workers, or even the homeless for that matter.  Rather, it is the action of a large number of irresponsible and lazy citizens of our fair city who are the primary source for this never ending mess.

William Loder